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SOCAR replaced Medvedchuk in the supply of Rosneft diesel fuel: the first delivery entered the market of Ukraine

Socar New Energy has started supplying Rosneft diesel fuel to Ukraine. For instance, from May 24 to May 30, 9,900 tons were delivered to our country.

This was reported to the industry publication enkorr by the Consulting Group A-95.

3,000 tons were delivered to Bel-Petrol Trading (Motto), and 2,800 tons—to Libro Trading. 2,500 tons were received by BS Oil (Unimex), and 1,600 tons—by BRSM-Nafta.

The publication also notes that 2,000 tons of diesel fuel was contracted by a company from the OKKO group, but sold it to one of these companies.

Context. The fact that a company from the group of the Azerbaijani state-owned SOCAR had become an export operator of Rosneft's oil products to Ukraine became known in mid-May. At that time it was reported that SOCAR had a quota for over 100,000 tons of diesel fuel and 12,000 tons of liquefied gas.

Prior to that, the Swiss trader Proton Energy Group SA stopped supplying oil products to Ukraine from April 1, 2021. The company is associated with the People's Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk, who was previously suspected of treason.

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