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The new Forbes Billionaires List includes six Ukrainians

The new Billionaires List by the American magazine Forbes includes six Ukrainians, while Ihor Kolomoiskyi has been listed as an Israeli national.

The ranking was published on the Forbes website.

Like in previous years, the highest-ranking Ukrainian billionaire is the owner of SCM Holdings Limited (DTEK, Metinvest, and HarvEast), Rinat Akhmetov. He occupies the 445th spot with a fortune of $5.7 billion. The tycoon’s assets were estimated higher as compared to the previous year, when the estimate was $4.2 billion.

A significantly lower 1434th spot is occupied by Viktor Pinchuk (Interpipe) with an estimated fortune of $2.1 billion. This year, Forbes’ estimation of Pinchuk’s assets is $0.2 billion higher than last year.

On the 2020th place, Vadym Novinskyi (Smart Holding), a former MP and Akhmetov’s partner in the metallurgy business, is listed with assets estimated at $1.4 billion (+$0.1 billion versus last year). Novinskyi has been sanctioned by Ukraine since January.

The estimated assets of Kostiantyn Zhevaho (Ferrexpo), ranked 2133rd, haven’t changed since last year’s estimation of $1.3 billion. On January 27, he was detained in the French Alps ski resort of Courchevel at the request of the Ukrainian side in the case of alleged embezzlement of money from the Finance and Credit bank, but France refused to extradite him.

The ranking also includes the partners in the Privat Group, Hennadii Boholiubov (with a fortune of $1.1 billion in both 2022 and 2023) and Ihor Kolomoyskyi (with a fortune of $1 billion in both 2022 and 2023). Notably, Kolomoyskyi was listed as an Israeli national. Last year, the Ukrainian Pravda reported that Kolomoyskyi had been stripped of Ukrainian citizenship.

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