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Mykolaiv is under heavy rocket attack — what is known

Local Telegram channels report a heavy rocket attack on Mykolaiv.

The air raid alert started sounding in the city at 11:16. In half an hour, according to eyewitnesses, at least 9 rockets hit the regional center. The chief of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Vitaliy Kim reports seven strikes. At the moment, it is known that an extensive fire broke out as a result of the Russian attack, its scene, for obvious reasons, is not disclosed.

Context. Let us recall that the day before — on June, 21st — the Russians launched a heavy attack with cruise missiles on Mykolaiv and Ochakiv. Residential districts of the regional center were blanketed with Uragan MLRSs, and the aggressor used prohibited cluster projectiles. Moreover, the invaders launched a missile attack using aircraft on the water zone and port berths.

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