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Ukraine’s finance ministry evaluated the fiscal deficit after the renewal of the IMF program

Ukraine’s ministry of finance has voiced a positive assessment of its ability to finance the fiscal deficit for 2023 after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program was renewed. The ministry hopes for sustained support for Ukraine from international partners, which will help end the conflict with Russia sooner.

The Ukrainian Finance Minister, Serhii Marchenko, said this in an interview with CNN.

The minister noted that, after the IMF Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Ukraine was approved recently, confidence in the country’s ability to fund this year’s fiscal deficit strengthened.

In particular, the country needs around $14 billion this year to quickly recover from the damage caused by hostilities.

Quote"This year, we are planning to implement immediate recovery estimated at $14.1 billion. The restoration of energy infrastructure, humanitarian demining, the renovation of damaged housing, critical and social infrastructure, as well as support for the private sector, are the priority areas,’ the minister said.

He also hopes for investments from foreign businesses, which would support the recovery and development of the country’s economy. In general, the Ukrainian government relies on sustained and strong cooperation with international partners, which would help win the war sooner. Ukraine’s loss would mean the loss of all the civilized world.

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