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The Russian army damaged more than 3,000 educational institutions in Ukraine. Some of them were completely destroyed

3,045 educational institutions suffered from bombing and shelling by the Russian army. Of them, 424 were completely destroyed. This was reported by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Quote"The aggressor says it is only military objects of our country that are struck. The Ministry of Education and Science has collected numerous facts and arguments to refute this statement: the Russian troops destroy schools and universities, kindergartens and orphanages," the report says.

The largest number of destroyed educational institutions, which is 175, is in the Zaporizhzhia region. The Donetsk region has the largest number of damaged educational institutions—691.

Context. The Russian occupation army keeps fighting hospitals, killing civilians, and inflicting enormous damage on a sovereign state. Earlier, it was reported that Russia has caused more than $46 billion in damage to the Ukrainian environment.

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