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Ukraine loses Hirske in Luhansk Oblast

The village of Hirske in Luhansk Oblast completely fell under the control of the Russian invaders. Oleksiy Babchenko, head of the Hirske Military Administration reported this during the telethon.

Quote"Today, the Hirske community is completely occupied, minor local battles continue in the vicinity, but the enemy has entered it," he said.

Babchenko reported that the Russians had come from two sides to capture the settlement. Some of the occupiers reached Myrna Dolyna, Pidlisne, and Loskutivka, the others advanced in the direction of Zolote and Hirske.

Earlier on the same day, the so-called "LPR" announced the capture of both Hirske and the neighboring settlement of Zolote. Ramzan Kadyrov also reported this on his Telegram channel.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported in its information summary that the units of the Russian army "blocked up to 2,000 Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries" near Hirske and Zolote. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the situation.

Context. On the morning of June 24, Serhyi Haidai, head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration, stated that the units of the AFU were forced to move away from Sievierodonetsk that has been under shelling since the first day of the Russian invasion. In his morning address, he stated that "the Russians are advancing from the direction of Zolote and Toshkivka towards Lysychansk," but did not comment on the situation with Hirske.

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