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"Bang" at two ammunition depots in Luhansk Oblast at once

Ammunition depots of the Russian army are on fire on the territory of the temporarily occupied Luhansk Oblast. Local residents, as well as Ukrainian journalists Yuriy Butusov and Andriy Tsaplienko, report about this on Telegram channels.

It is noted that one of the depots is located in the village of Zymohiria (23 km from Luhansk). The video published by eyewitnesses shows that after hitting the facility, the detonation of projectiles began there. The depot is located 50 km from the positions of the Ukrainian defenders.

The so-called "LPR" claimed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had hit Zymohiria with a Tochka-U missile.

The Ukrainian Telegram channel Insider reports that nearby, in the village of Khoroshe, an enemy depot is also on fire. Separatist public pages confirm this and add that the flashpoints are located at a distance of about 3-4 km from each other. The fire, according to them, occurred at six in the morning.


According to unconfirmed information, the invaders kept projectiles for multiple launch rocket systems in both depots.

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