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Russia has expanded sanctions against Ukraine: in the list now includes 9 new companies

Russia has expanded the list of sanctions against Ukraine. The number of companies increased from 75 to 84.

This is stated in the corresponding decree of the government of the Russian Federation No. 153 of February 11, 2021.

Restrictive measures were introduced in relation to the following companies:

  • Donmar;
  • Craneship;
  • Maxima Metal Service;
  • Poltava Automotive Unit Plant;
  • Solar Steelconstruction;
  • Transship;
  • subsidiary Transship Bulk;
  • subsidiary Transship-Service;
  • Kirgan Holding SA.

The tug-fleet operator Donmar, the shipyard Craneship, the stevedoring company Transship, as well as Transship Bulk and Transship-Service are part of the international group of maritime companies Transship Group that has been working since 1992.

Its beneficial owner is businessman Andrii Ivanov.

Transship works with such large companies as Cargill, Glencore, Aston, Yug Rusi, Louis Dreyfus, Gazprom, Mechel, SUEK, Metinvest, Metalloinvest, and etc.

Panamanian Kirgan Holding S.A. is also related to the small group of companies Transship and is the copyright holder of the Craneship trademark and the founder of the Russian Craneship and, according to the Russian ship register, Transship operates four KIRGAN vessels.

Context. In December 2018, the Russian government imposed sanctions against seven Ukrainian companies, including Ukroboronprom and Ukrspetsexport, State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine, Centrenergo, Insurance Group TAS, transport and logistics organizations Vertical and First Logistics Company.

Also in February, the Russian Federation expanded the list of Ukrainian railroad products prohibited for import. In particular, it is prohibited to import axles for wheels with a diameter of 710 mm or more, wheelsets, wheels with a diameter of 710 mm or more, and blanks for such wheels.

Also, the import of side frames of freight car bogies and bolsters is prohibited.

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