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RGC has planned experimental deliveries of gas and hydrogen mixture already in 2023

The Regional Gas Company (RGC) intends to conduct a practical experiment on the use of a mixture of methane (natural gas) and hydrogen for households in 2023—2025.

"Residents of two villages with 50—100 houses will start using a gas and hydrogen mixture in two years, receiving a gas mixture with 10% hydrogen at the beginning of the experiment, then the share of the new energy carrier will be increased to 20%," the press service of the company said.

Now the company is preparing the local network for an experiment to ensure an appropriate level of security. Consumer houses will also be equipped with sensors and signaling devices.

During the experiment, the company expects to identify additional features of the hydrogen use in the households. It is expected that as the hydrogen concentration increases, it will be possible to replace burners in some gas appliances.

The preliminary results of the RGC hydrogen project confirm the safety of up to 30% hydrogen concentration in the mixture for networks as close as possible to those existing in Ukraine.

The Regional Gas Company (RGC) specializes in the management of gas distribution networks. It includes 20 gas distribution companies. The company is associated with the oligarch Dmytro Firtash.

Hydrogen fuel is a promising energy source. The existing extensive network of gas distribution systems is best suited for its use as a fuel. Experiments are being carried out to adapt this type of fuel to existing networks. Hydrogen is also suitable for the use as an energy carrier for vehicles.

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