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Ukraine lost 4,000 restaurants in a year of quarantine, and the market lost 6 billion UAH

By the end of 2020, the number of restaurants decreased by almost 4,000 establishments (20%). Thus, at the beginning of 2020, 18,600 restaurants, cafes, and bars worked in the country, while at the beginning of 2021 their number was 14,700.

As reported on the Facebook page of the analytical center Restaurants of Ukraine, over the past year the volume of the restaurant market (in monetary terms) decreased by almost 30% and amounted to 14.1 billion UAH.

Quote"In 2020, the restaurant market lost almost 6 billion UAH. This is the result of several lockdowns, quarantine restrictions on the restaurant business and the absence of foreign tourists," the message says.

According to the director of the analytical center Olha Nasonova, in March last year it was predicted that the number of establishments would almost halve. She has added that "our market has shown relative resilience."

What will happen to the restaurant market in 2021: the forecast

Nasonova has also added that the impact of the lockdown that is in effect now will be minimal. "Only those who planned to close would close. Most of them have already worked out the optimal format of operation," she says, adding that the restaurant market will begin to revive this year, as many interesting locations have become vacant and their rent has decreased.

Context. The national restaurant award "Salt-2020" in December 2020 announced its winners. 2,250 establishments from the cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Khmelnytskyi, and Odesa were nominated, 162 of them became finalists, and 18 became winners.

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