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Rada has adopted a law on referendum. For what it is now possible to vote publicly

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted in the second reading and as a whole the draft law No. 3612 regulating the conduct of an all-Ukrainian referendum. This decision was supported by 255 people's deputies.

Among the deputies who supported the draft law, there were 226 people's deputies from the Servant of the People faction, 20 from the parliamentary group Dovira (Trust) and 9 non-factional.

At the same time, deputies from the Opposition Platform—For Life, European Solidarity, and Golos (Voice) factions voted against, as well as two non-factional deputies. Deputies from the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) faction and the Za Maybutne (For the Future) group abstained from voting.

What does the referendum law say?

According to the law, the subject of an all-Ukrainian referendum can be issues on changes to the first, third, and eighth sections of the Constitution, issues of national importance, issues about changing the territory, about the termination of a law or its individual provisions.

At the same time, the subject of such a referendum cannot be issues aimed at eliminating the independence of Ukraine, violating state sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as creating a threat to national security, inciting interethnic, racial or religious hatred.

In addition, the referendum cannot consider issues that contradict the provisions of the Constitution, violate human rights and fundamental freedoms. In particular, it is forbidden to consider issues of taxation, budget, amnesty or issues that are in the jurisdiction of courts or law enforcement agencies.

In addition, only one issue can be submitted to an all-Ukrainian referendum, and it cannot be held simultaneously with regular and early national elections, regular local elections.

Context. Back in June 2020, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading the presidential draft law No. 3612 on an all-Ukrainian referendum.

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