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One in five Ukrainians who have worked abroad prefer being home - survey

Almost 20% of Ukrainians who have worked abroad for a long time do not want to repeat the experience. This is one finding in of an OLX Work survey.

  • The main reasons: psychological discomfort associated with moving and feeling detached from relatives — 42%; no need to travel abroad to work again, because people earning enough money in Ukraine — 29%; high expenses for accommodation and meals in other countries — 16%; feelings of disappointment after working abroad.
  • Ukrainians leave to work abroad because of low salaries in Ukraine, the lack of jobs, because they want to see the world and due to conflicts with employers.
  • The main areas of labor migration for people who decided to stay in Ukraine: Poland — 33%, Russia — 35% and Germany — 11%.
  • About 50% of Ukrainians abroad were not employed in their specialty. The most popular professions are construction, transport and logistics, as well as manufacturing.

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