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Odesa won’t open its beaches this summer


Odesa may restrict access to the entire sea coast for recreation, said Serhii Bratchuk, spokesperson of the Operational Headquarters of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, speaking on air of the Kyiv 24 channel.

Quote"This summer, there will be no tourist season again," he emphasized.

Minesweeping in the Black Sea will proceed until victory. There will also be no public access to beaches in Odesa.

Quote"We have to provide people with an opportunity to rest. And, first of all, our defenders need to be provided with a certain set of services. There will be no big concerts. There will be no dancing on bones," said Bratchuk.

Context. Last summer, the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine recommended that Ukrainians go not to the closed beaches but to the Carpathians or the central part of the country, where resorts were half empty.

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