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Nord Stream 2 may be completed in June: its laying has already been resumed in Denmark

Photo: Gazprom website

Photo: Gazprom website

The company Nord Stream 2 has begun laying the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in Danish waters again.

According to Reuters, to complete the construction of the gas pipeline, the company needs to lay 120 km of pipes in Denmark and 30 km in Germany. Construction work is being carried out by the Russian pipe-laying vessel Fortuna that was previously subject to US sanctions.

Nord Stream 2 stated that construction is carried out on the basis of the relevant permits and later the company will provide additional information on the construction work and further planning.

As Interfax writes with reference to Nord Stream 2 AG, work in Danish waters is planned to be completed in the last week of May. The company will then complete pipe-laying in German waters, where construction will continue until June.

Context. In mid-January, Denmark and Germany allowed Russia to complete the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. However, Gazprom will have to carry out the work on its own. Two weeks later, it became known that the pipe-laying vessel Fortuna had started preparatory work to resume pipe laying in the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone.


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