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Legalizing cannabis in Ukraine: the Ministry of Health urged MPs to legalize medical marijuana


The Ministry of Health of Ukraine urged the Rada to pass a bill on the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, registered on June 2 by a group of deputies. The MoH noted that this was primarily a medical issue, not a political one. Voting for the document should take place on July 13th.

The Ministry noted that this law would help seriously ill Ukrainians. In addition, medicinal products containing cannabis have long been approved in many European countries. Marijuana, according to the Ministry of Health, is effective in treating more than 50 pathological conditions.

At the same time, the head of the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Mykhailo Radutskyi, said at a briefing that the bill provided for the removal of cannabis from the group of soft drugs and its transfer to the register of tightly controlled drugs.

The MP explained that only the attending physician would have the right to write an electronic prescription to a patient for the purchase of medical cannabis. He also added that marijuana was recognized as an addictive substance only in some CIS countries, while most of the European and Western countries had legalized it long ago.

Radutskyi expressed hope that during the consideration of the bill on legalizing cannabis in the first reading, the deputies would think about the patients, and added that the second reading was expected in the fall and the MPs would have time to correct all the shortcomings of the document.

Context. The question of legalizing marijuana in Ukraine was included in the poll of President Zelenskyy during the parliamentary elections—at that time he gained the support of 64% of respondents. The Page analyzed the global cannabis market in detail, and also found out why there is an intention to allow medical marijuana in Ukraine.

Back in December 2020, the UN removed cannabis from the list of dangerous drugs. And in April 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers excluded from the list of dangerous a number of drugs containing cannabis.

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