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Online courts, CCU reform and new investments: how Zelensky promised to change the judicial system

The government of Ukraine wants to introduce IT technologies into the judicial system, so that most of the bureaucratic procedures take place online.

The government seeks to do the trial in a smartphone, similar to online government services. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky during the forum "Ukraine 30. Development of judiciary".

In his opinion, it is IT solutions that can ensure the transparency of the judicial system. In addition, the transition to online can speed up the legal process, minimize corruption and possible misuse.

He also noted that the success of the judicial system reform can attract new investors to Ukraine. In addition, successful judicial reform is a catalyst for Ukraine's integration into the EU and NATO.

According to Zelensky, the main problems of the judicial system in Ukraine are the lack of new judges. That leads to an excessive burden on the system and the need to improve the system itself.

The President also noted the need to resume the work of the High Qualification Commission of Judges and improve the selection procedure for candidates to the High Council of Justice.

In addition, citizens must take part in the administration of justice, namely the establishment of a jury.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stressed the need to legislatively regulate the work of the High Qualification Commission of Judges and the High Council of Justice to address the problem of access to justice.

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