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Israel has imposed new border crossing regulations for Ukrainians: what has changed

Israel has banned entry to the country for citizens of a number of states due to the spread of the coronavirus. And also has canceled the entry permits issued before May 1, 2021.

The list of countries from where entry is prohibited are: Ukraine, Ethiopia, South Africa, India, Mexico, and Turkey. This is stated in the message of the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel.

In order to obtain a special permit, a person needs to reapply to the competent authorities.

Vaccinated foreigners can enter the territory of the state if they are:

  • citizens or permanent residents living abroad and have a first-degree relative in Israel;
  • foreigners having a first-degree relative living in Israel.

In addition, all foreign nationals willing to enter must present a valid certificate of recovery or vaccination (except for children under 4).

Context. Israel plans to open its borders to vaccinated tourists from May 23rd. The borders opening will be implemented in several stages.

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