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A great start: in January, Ukraine received $4.2 billion from international partners

Since the beginning of 2023, Ukraine has received $4.2 billion from international partners. The funding was used to cover the budget deficit and to pay off debts.

  • The EU transferred the €3 billion package planned for 2023. Further tranches are expected to be linked to Ukraine’s progress in implementing reforms.
  • Another $1 billion in grant funding came from the U.S. In 2023, the federal budget allocates an additional $13 billion in grants to Ukraine.
  • Estonia gave $500,000 in January.

Last year, Ukraine received $31.1 billion in foreign grants and loans, or an average of $3.1 billion each month of the war.

However, the payments were neither stable nor regular, as there were extremely high amounts of funding in some months and very low amounts in others.

Quote"Both the U.S. and the EU claim that one of their priorities is financial aid for Ukraine in 2023 in the form of timely and stable payments. Foreign funding in January proves these intentions to be serious," says Maksym Samoiliuk, an economist at the Center for Economic Strategy.

Earlier, the U.S. announced that it was giving Ukraine a $2.2 billion package of military aid. It includes anti-aircraft systems and long-range missiles.

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