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How much the Ukrainians have reduced gas consumption. Dynamics over the past 12 years

In 2020, gas consumption by the population amounted to 8.15 billion cubic meters, and that is 0.2 billion cubic meters more than in 2019, but 4.31 billion cubic meters less than in 2016 and 9.65 billion cubic meters less than in 2009.

This is evidenced by the data of the GTS Operator of Ukraine.


In the Q1 of 2020, household consumers used 3.57 billion cubic meters of gas, in the Q2—1.17 billion, in the Q3—0.54 billion, in the Q4—2.88 billion cubic meters.

"In 2009, 17.8 billion cubic meters of gas were used for the population needs. In 2020, only 8.2 billion cubic meters (temporarily occupied territories and Crimea are not taken into account). It is necessary to continue to support investments in energy saving and energy efficiency," said Serhii Makohon, the Head of GTS Operator of Ukraine.

Recall that gas consumption by the population in 2019 amounted to 8 billion cubic meters;

  • in 2018—10.6 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2017—11.2 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2016—11.9 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2015—11.3 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2014—14.9 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2013—16.9 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2012—17.5 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2011—17.6 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2010—17.8 billion cubic meters;
  • in 2009—16.9 billion cubic meters.

On the other hand, district heating enterprises (district heating companies, including TPPs and CHPs) are increasing gas consumption. At the end of 2020, it was 8.1 billion cubic meters, and that is 10% more than the arithmetic average over the past three years.


Quarterly in 2020, district heating enterprises created the following demand. In the Q1—3.57 billion cubic meters, in Q2—0.95 billion cubic meters, in the Q3—0.80 billion cubic meters, and in the Q4—2.80 billion cubic meters of gas.

"One of the main factors impacting the consumption growth is the attractive gas price in certain periods of time that created economic incentives for TPP/CHP to use gas instead of coal," the GTSOU explained.

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