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Germany "is considering" compensating Ukraine for losses from the launch of Nord Stream 2—Blinken

Blinken spoke about cooperation with Germany. Photo: US Department of State

Blinken spoke about cooperation with Germany. Photo: US Department of State

Germany is discussing measures to compensate Ukraine for possible losses after the launch of Nord Stream 2. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated this during a hearing at the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, Radio Liberty reports.

Blinken made it clear that such a move by Germany was one of the reasons for excluding the pipeline operator Nord Stream 2 AG from the US sanctions regime. The company is registered in Germany and is 100% owned by the Russian Gazprom.

"We are actively cooperating with Berlin to find out what can and should be done and, I believe, needs to be done to ensure that transit fees that Ukraine may lose at some point in the future as a result of this pipeline launch are reimbursed," the Secretary of State assured.

He did not specify what kind of compensation this might be. Earlier, there was speculation that Germany could invest in alternative energy in Ukraine.

The Secretary of State stressed that it is important to have clear agreements with Germany that will give the US the opportunity to impose sanctions on the pipeline later if Russia tries to use it as a coercive tool against its neighbors in Eastern Europe.

Context. Russia will complete the construction of Nord Stream 2 by the end of the year: Ukraine is afraid of losing gas transit. What's going on around NS 2.


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