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A missile strike on the Zhytomyr District: Russia has hit a military airfield. Updated

On Tuesday, August 16, Russian invaders launched missiles at the Zhytomyr Region.

Quote"In the Zhytomyr District, two explosions resulting from a missile strike have been confirmed. More information to come!", the Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration reported.

The missile launch site was identified to be in Belarus.

An air raid alert sounded in the region at 12:58 PM. The locals reported that explosions were heard at around 1:19 PM.


In the evening, it came out that the strike targeted a military airfield.

According to the official report, enemy planes took off in Belarus under the guise of a training flight and launched Kh-59 missiles.

According to Air Command Central, the invaders damaged the runway and a few vehicles.

Quote"The personnel weren't injured, as everyone was in the shelter," the Air Command Center said.
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