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Ukrainian electric vehicle market revives after winter hibernation

Ministry of Internal Affairs has disclosed statistics on registration of electric vehicles in the Q1 of 2021

This sector of the automotive market for 90% consists of used vehicles, and that somewhat complicates the real assessment of its capacity. After all, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine takes into account only primary registrations plus registrations of those cars that were brought from abroad with a customs certificate or a customs declaration. That is, neither the statistics of re-registrations, nor temporary registrations are included in it.

According to official data, 1,659 electric vehicles were registered in Ukraine in the first three months. On the one hand, this is 3% more than last year, but 6% less than in the previous quarter.

There are also small changes regarding the popularity of brands. On the one hand, like a year, two, and three years ago, electric cars Nissan Leaf are in the lead, but in the last quarter they were almost caught up by Chevrolet Bolt, and by the end of March it was completely ahead. If Leaf was chosen by 405 buyers (-35%), then Bolt—by 393 (+ 493%). Today, these two models have a 24% market share. The third place belongs to the more premium Tesla (18%) with its hatchbacks Model 3 and Model S.

In total, 23,700 electric vehicles are now registered in Ukraine, with an average age of 5 years.

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