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Army in a smartphone: the Ministry of Defense wants to digitize military registration

Digitalization of military registration: what is known. Photo: khovk.org

Digitalization of military registration: what is known. Photo: khovk.org

The speaker of the Ministry of Defense Oleksandr Motuzianyk revealed the plans of the agency to digitize a number of steps and elements of military registration. He supposed that the Diia app could be used for that purpose and added that the preparation is underway.

Quote"Oug government has a general "State in a Smartphone" policy. And, of course, a matter such as the registration of persons liable for military service can also be partially handled digitally using Diia in the future, at least its first steps," said Motuzianyk in his commentary to the UNN.

Earlier, we analyzed the prohibition on travel outside the place of residence within Ukraine for persons liable for military service.

Context. In May, information began to spread over the Internet that citizens would soon be receiving call-up papers via Diia. The Minister of Digital Transformation responded and called it a hoax, stating that call-up papers can be delivered only into one's hands.

Quote"This is not going to happen. In Diia, you can now get notices of court actions. This function can be turned off if you wish so," said the head of the Ministry Mykhaylo Fedorov.


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