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In the Kharkiv Region, the AFU liberated more than 300 populated places and 150,000 people from the invaders

Since September 6, the Ukrainian military has liberated nearly 150,000 people, 300 populated places, and 3,800 square kilometers in the Kharkiv Region. This was reported by Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar.

According to her, these numbers refer to confirmed data only. However, the real numbers can be much higher.

Quote"Today, at a briefing in Balaklia, I reported that, since September 6, the offensive operation in the Kharkiv Region resulted in the liberation of 3,800 square kilometers, more than 300 populated places, and nearly 150,000 people. These are confirmed numbers considering the stabilization measures. The real area of liberated territories in the Kharkiv Region is almost twice as big," Maliar emphasized.

At the same time, she said that updated information would be available as early as tomorrow, September 14.

Context. The Ukrainian military liberated almost 6,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory from the Russian invaders.

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