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Ukrainians earned $390 million on bitcoins: top 25 countries in terms of income from the sale of cryptocurrency

In 2020, American investors made the most profits from bitcoin trading. Their income was about $4.1 billion. The second place was taken by Chinese investors, they earned $1.1 billion on cryptocurrency. Moreover, Ukraine was among the top ten leaders.

The third place in terms of profit was taken by Japan. Investors from there earned $930 million. This is evidenced by the data of the Chainalysis rating.


Top 25 countries in terms of revenue from the bitcoin sale

  • USA—$4.1 billion;
  • China—$1.1 billion;
  • Japan—$930 million;
  • UK—$830 million;
  • Russia—$630 million;
  • Germany—$610;
  • France—$590;
  • Spain—$460;
  • South Korea—$420;
  • Ukraine—$390 million;
  • Netherlands—$390 million;
  • Canada—$360 million;
  • Vietnam—$350 million;
  • Turkey—$340 million;
  • Italy—$320 million;
  • Brazil—$290 million;
  • Czech Republic—$250 million;
  • India—$230 million;
  • Australia—$230 million;
  • Poland—$230 million;
  • Argentina—$190 million;
  • Switzerland—$190 million;
  • Taiwan—$180 million;
  • Belgium—$180 million;
  • Thailand—$ 179 million.

According to the analytical platform Glassnode, cryptocurrency exchanges recorded a net outflow of 22,500 bitcoins at the beginning of the week. Since November 2, 2020, this is the lbiggest outflow of cryptocurrencies.

Context. El Salvador recently adopted Bitcoin as the official currency. The country permitted to make payments using cryptocurrency, set prices in bitcoins and pay taxes in them.

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