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Scandal with Indian AstraZeneca: Ukraine is working on CoviShield vaccine recognition by Europe


The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, are working on resolving the issue of Europe's non-recognition of vaccination certificates with CoviShield vaccine (AstraZeneca's drug produced in India). This issue can be resolved within a month, the Head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Lyashko stated.

The Minister recalled that Europe refuses to admit Ukrainians with CoviShield vaccine indicated in their vaccination certificates. In his opinion, this is a gross violation of international law, since the vaccine was approved by the WHO. And that means that European countries have no right not to admit people vaccinated with the drug. The problem is that CoviShield has not yet been approved by the EMA, the European vaccine regulator.

"As far as I know, EMA is now considering their documents and announces that it will make a decision on them in the near future. But the dates are not specified. This does not mean that the issue is not budging," the Minister explained.

Lyashko added that this issue will be discussed next week at a meeting of the Minister with EU representatives in Brussels. At the same time, they will discuss the issue of concluding agreements on the mutual recognition of vaccines with each EU country.

Context. Ukrainians who, in the early days of vaccination in Ukraine, were vaccinated with the Indian drug CoviShield, faced with the fact that the EU countries refused to recognize the drug and certificates containing information about vaccinating with Covishield. Now people vaccinated with it cannot enter the EU.

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