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In Lviv, a number of patients had their limbs amputated due to complications after coronavirus

Lviv healthcare professionals shared information about the coronavirus infection complications that are life-threatening to patients. According to the doctors of the Lviv city clinical hospital No. 8, cases of vascular thrombosis in different parts of the body are increasingly detected in persons with a severe course of the disease.

Quote"The virus is getting more aggressive. And this is not just another "horror story". Thrombosis as a complication has become more frequent, only this week our surgeons had to amputate limbs three times in order to save the lives of patients," the note says.

According to doctors, people with diabetes, atherosclerosis, as well as overweight people and smokers are at greatest risk.

Quote"COVID-19 causes thrombosis of small and large vessels in different parts of the body. Most often, the lungs are affected, because the virus causes aggregation of small blood cells, and that leads to microthrombosis. There were cases when patients felt well, and the clinical picture on CT showed a large lung damage, or even vice versa, it was difficult for the patient to breathe, and no changes were visible on CT. After the lungs, blood clots are most often formed in the intestines and lower extremities," the message says.

Doctors note that sometimes a dangerous complication occurs after the patient is discharged and fully recovered. Doctors strongly advise even after leaving the medical facility to closely monitor the state of the patient’s health.

Context. Cases of the coronavirus course that ended in limb amputation were recorded all over the world before. For instance, in 2020, Lee Mabbatt, a resident of the English Dorset, had been ill with COVID-19, was treated at home, and after recovering, he realized that he could not feel his right leg. After a CT scan, doctors found a 15-centimeter thrombus in it. The necessary measures did not bring results, and the doctors had to amputate the limb.

Back in 2020, Viktor Anosov, a doctor from the Moscow Clinical Hospital No. 15 named after Filatov, stated that amputations due to complications after COVID-19 occurred almost every day. At that time he added that the formation of blood clots was common in coronavirus, but did not necessarily lead to amputation.

Since the beginning of May this year, scientists have begun to record cases of mucormycosis in India in people who have had coronavirus. Subsequently, outbreaks of this disease began to be recorded in Iran, Mexico, and Uruguay.

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