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Chornomorsk has become an integral part of the multimodal transport corridor between Turkey, Ukraine, and Poland

A new trans-border route for multimodal freight transport between the Turkish port of Karasu, the rail ferry crossing in Chornomorsk and the city of Sławków in Poland will be open from March 30.

This was announced by the Acting Head of the State Enterprise Administration of the Sea Ports of Ukraine Oleksandr Golodnitsky during the IV Ukrainian-German Economic Forum, Ukrinform reports.

"On March 30, Ukraine opens, thanks to its European partners, the business of Poland and Turkey, multimodal transportation through the port of Chornomorsk," Golodnitsky said.

The route will operate from the port of Karasu in Turkey, through the Chornomorsk railway-ferry complex in Ukraine to the Polish city of Sławków.

The new route will reduce the time of cargo transportation by a day—a day and a half.

The Head of the ASPU said that the cost of transporting one container from Karasu to Sławków will amount to 1,700 euros.

Multimodal (intermodal) transportation is a transportation of goods under one contract by more than one mode of transport. In doing so, the carrier is responsible for the goods along the entire route, regardless of the number of transport modes (for example, railway-sea). It is called a multimodal transport operator (MTO). The carrier does not need to have all transport modes. As a rule, such transportation is carried out by subcarriers.

Context. On March 5, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading the government draft law No. 4258 "On multimodal transportation". The document introduces definitions of multimodal and combined transportation of goods, multimodal terminal, multimodal transportation document, etc.

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