"Canada needs friends with those interests," H. E. Ambassador Galadza on bilateral relations between Canada and Ukraine

Now one of the main issues of bilateral relations between Canada and Ukraine is the modernization of the Free Trade Agreement, said the Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Larisa Galadza in the video of "KYIV NOT KIEV".

According to her, the Agreement has worked well and now it needs to be updated in terms of services — telecommunications, financial and IT services.

At the same time, Galadza believes that Canada has always been one of the most Ukraine-friendly countries in the world.

"We`re both democratic countries of about the same size, we both live near large world powers, we have economies that rely on trade and we`re big supporters of the multilateral system. Countries like ours rely on the rules-based international order to level the playfield. Canada needs friends with those interests," she said.

According to Galadza, Ukrainian experience of surviving in the international system is very precious to Canada. Ukraine is on a frontline of a hybrid war, and everybody knows that this hybrid war can easily reach across the Atlantic and around the world.

"Generation of credibility and legitimacy is something we do support. Organizations that want dialogue and counter disinformation, creating platforms and translating books—these are little things we can do to help generate the political legitimacy,’ she added.

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