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Bird flu from Europe reached Ukraine—SSUFSCP

The avian influenza (bird flu) wave that occured in Europe and was found in 13 EU countries has reached Ukraine. At the beginning of the month, this disease was discovered in the Mykolaiv region. And on December 24, information was received about a possible disease of poultry in the north of the Kyiv region. This was announced by the Head of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection Vladyslava Magaletska.

Quarantine restrictions have been introduced in the village of Leonovka, Ivankovsky district, and the village of Koblytsia, of Borodiansky district of Kyiv region, for a period of 72 hours. It was between these villages that poultry dead carcasses were found in a landfill. In the villages, household visits are carried out to establish the focus of the disease.

Magaletska noted that this situation seriously affects the poultry products export from Ukraine. Saudi Arabia, Moldova, Israel and the UAE have already started to import Ukrainian products with restrictions avoiding importing products from the contaminated area.

Hong Kong, Belarus, Kazakhstan have limited imports from the Mykolaiv region. And the European Union, Singapore, Morocco, Tunisia and Japan have restricted the poultry products import from the entire country.

"Now we are actively negotiating with partners from the EU, Singapore, Japan and other countries on the zoning recognition. After the incident in the Kyiv region, the negotiation work will significantly increase," she wrote.

Context. On December 8, in the village of Kandybino, Mykolaiv region, an outbreak of bird flu was recorded on a private farm. According to preliminary results of the epizootic investigation, wild migratory birds brought the disease.

On January 20 this year, veterinarians recorded the first case of bird flu in Ukraine since 2017—at the agricultural enterprise Khutor in the Vinnytsia region. As a result, more than 100 thousand heads of poultry were destroyed.

At the same time, the European Union suspended the import of poultry and poultry products from Ukraine. A similar ban was introduced by about 10 other countries.

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