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Nervousness, large sums and the number of cards: for what banks will block the accounts of Ukrainians

Banks may start blocking their customers' payment cards before stress testing that is due to begin in May. The main reasons for blocking may be a large sum of the card replenishment or atypical transactions.

In Ukraine, there is a risk-based approach to check account holders, according to the NBU decision.

The following can be considered as "risky":

  • clients who do not want to provide additional documents;
  • those who have many payment cards;
  • those who cannot be contacted at the specified phone number and address;
  • a client who requires service from a specific employee.

Also, the National Bank requires checking clients who:

  • constantly carry out cash transactions for large, rounded amounts;
  • for whom the volume of cash transactions on accounts is not the typical volume for such a client;
  • regularly change small bills to large ones.

However, the regulator only provides general regulations, and banks, in turn, must adapt the requirements for themselves.

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