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Apple is gathering Kyiv office: the company prepares to pay taxes in Ukraine

Компания Apple открыла вакансию аналитика косвенных налогов (Indirect Tax Analyst) для киевского офиса.

Apple has opened an Indirect Tax Analyst vacancy for the Kyiv office.

Such a specialist will be responsible for overseeing compliance with the requirements for indirect taxes. Now only this vacancy is open in the office. This is said in the company’s announcement.

Key qualifications:

  • fluent English;
  • previous Ukrainian VAT accounting experience;
  • excellent analytical, communication, presentation and organization skills;
  • attention to detail and proven ability to meet tight deadlines;
  • ability to interpret large volumes of information;
  • systems (Excel, SAP/other ERP, Medoc) experience;
  • the successful candidate must work well both individually and in teams.

Accounting or tax qualification will be an advantage for the candidates.

The analyst will be responsible for preparation and submission of Indirect Tax declarations to the Ukrainian Tax Authorities within designated deadlines

He/she will be responsible for all aspects of VAT accounting for Apple Ukraine, including registration of VAT Invoices, reconciliations and reporting.

It is worth noting that an indirect tax is a tax on goods and services that the manufacturer sets as a premium to the price.

Context. Apple registered a company in Ukraine in 2020. Thus, in July 2020, the company was looking for a Chief Accountant who was supposed to understand Ukrainian taxation.

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