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Antonov has opened in Canada: It will produce Ukrainian aircraft there

In the Canadian province of Quebec, the Antonov-Canada company was established to promote Antonov aircraft on the international markets. In particular, it is planned to organize the final assembly of An-74TK-200 aircraft there, the press service of the Capital Hill Group reports.

The final assembly of the aircraft will be carried out at the factories in Ukraine and Canada. Now the design process of modifications is underway because the project is being prepared according to the certification criteria of the Canadian Aviation Administration.

Antonov-Canada will deal with organizing cooperation and establishing the work of the design bureau for research and development. On their basis, a model of an aircraft for flight tests is designed.

The company believes that the most promising for this goal implementation is the model of the An-74TK-200 aircraft. This model is designed to carry 52 passengers and cargo weighing up to 10 tons. In addition, such an aircraft can carry out mixed passenger and cargo transportation on international short and medium-haul air routes.

Another advantage of the aircraft is that it can operate in particularly harsh operating conditions. However, the aircraft are still dependent on using significant amounts of Russian components. In addition, their inconsistency with modern requirements does not allow obtaining certification in the European and American markets.

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