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A schoolgirl created a website on Ukraine's history from the Rurik dynasty to the Azovstal defenders


Mariia Arshynnikova, a senior high school student from Dnipro, created a project titled "15 Steps to Ukrainian Unity." The website contains a brief account of the country’s history, from Kyivan Rus to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Besides Ukrainian, the materials are available in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.

The website is composed of 15 sections, each encompassing a period in the history of Ukraine. The texts are accompanied by illustrations as well as links to videos and articles.

Quote"I’ve just got an idea for a website on the history of Ukraine, because I haven’t seen a single resource with consistent and brief materials before. I gathered references, and then I started to look for a team. While studying at school, I was engaging new people in the project and coordinating a team of historians and writers.Together, we’ve developed the idea for the project. We started with articles and then proceeded to the development of the technical part — the Ukrainian IT company Clickable helped us with it," Mariia said.

Mariia Arshynnikova is an 11th grade student at Dnipro Lyceum No. 129. She studies remotely because the war forced her family to move from her home city of Dnipro to Chernivtsi. Besides studying, the girl is volunteering as a member of the Be Aware NGO.

She is also a member of the STEM IS FEM educational project, a Young European Ambassador, a member of the European Youth Parliament, and a student at the Girls Diplomatic Academy. Mariia is also writing a research paper on the impact of corruption on the economic development of Ukraine.

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