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Diia City is officially launched. How IT company can become its resident

Today, on February 8, Ukraine officially launches a special legal regime Diia City for the IT sector. The Page has prepared instructions on how to become its resident.

How to obtain Diia City resident status

First of all, to become a resident, one needs to be willing to do it. Acquiring this status is voluntary.

If this intention is firm, one needs to file a corresponding application and submit it to the Ministry of Digital Transformation. The application can be submitted by legal entities registered under Ukrainian law that meet certain criteria and are engaged in qualified activities.

How to apply for Diia City resident status

  • Go to the Diia City website and log in (using the system ID.GOV.UA, the application Diia, or a personal key).
  • Fill in the form: enter information about the applicant (EDRPOU (Unified Register of Businesses and Organizations) code, name, and legal form of the legal entity), indicate the type of activity and fill in the personnel block.
  • Put an e-Sign.

Both the company’s head and its representative acting on the basis of a power of attorney can make an application. When submitting an application, a legal entity does not need to provide financial statements, special permits, or licenses.

How applications are processed

The Ministry considers the submitted application within 10 working days from the date of its receipt. If during the specified period the applicant has not received a response to the mail, then they have already obtained the status of a resident. To confirm this, one can check the Diia City register.

How to release from Diia City resident status

Withdrawing from a special regime is as easy as joining it. To do this, a resident only needs to be willing to do it and to file an application to the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Upon withdrawal, taxes will not be charged.

One can lose residency in case of violating the deadlines for submitting reports, non-compliance with the criteria stipulated by the law, and as a result of a court decision.

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