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Indexation of pensions, affordable mortgage and opening of Georgia's borders: what will change from March 1

Since the beginning of spring, the Ukrainians will face new changes. They will concern not only social policy, but also opening the borders of some countries for Ukrainians.

In particular, registration for vaccination against coronavirus, as well as the indexation of pensions, will start on March 1. The Page has been figuring out what changes Ukrainians should expect in March.

What will change from March 1 in Ukraine

Indexation of pensions from March 1

From March 1, pensions in Ukraine will increase by 11%. The budget for 2021 includes money for indexation. Now the average pension is 3,538 UAH. Pensioners with such a pension can expect an increase of 389 UAH.

Surcharges will be charged:

  • on age;
  • on disability;
  • survivor s' benefit;
  • on seniority.

However, the increase does not apply to those who now receive the maximum pension and people who, according to the formula, earned a pension that is 11% less and less than the minimum pension.

At the same time, a draft law was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. It proposes an annual automatic indexation of pensions on March 1. This will apply to all categories of pensioners without exception.

Online registration for coronavirus vaccination

From March 1, the registration for vaccination against coronavirus will be open. Now you can enter your name to the waiting list online through the mobile application Diia, portal Diia, and the Ministry of Health's contact center on coronavirus issues. Ukrainians from 18 to 59 years old can sign up.

An electronic queue will be formed due to this. When the time comes, those who signed up will be notified of the need to choose the vaccination point, date and time of the visit.

As previously reported, vaccination will consist of five stages:

  • at the first stage, medical workers of hospitals who work with patients with coronavirus, residents of nursing homes, and military personnel will be vaccinated;
  • at the second—health workers, people over 80 years old, and social workers;
  • at the third—persons who are 65 years old, employees of critical structures, state security, education;
  • at the fourth—people who are over 60 years old, people with chronic diseases and those who work or are serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty.
  • at the fifth—Ukrainians aged 18 to 59, who are not included in the above vaccination groups.

Program "Affordable mortgage 7%"

From March 1, the program "Affordable mortgage 7%" should be launched. It should enable people with low incomes to buy housing on credit. In turn, the state is ready to compensate for 7%.

The program also provides for the possibility of using the fund's loan guarantees as collateral for mortgage subjects that have not yet been put into operation.

The subjects of the mortgage are apartments and houses that have been put into operation since 2018. The normative housing area is 50 sq. m for one citizen or a family of two. For each next family member, 20 sq. m are added. At the same time, the total area may exceed the standard by 20%, but the surplus will have to be paid by the borrowers themselves.

The maximum amount of the mortgage is 2 million UAH, and the maximum cost of the mortgage subject is no more than 2.5 million UAH.

Visa-free regime with Grenada

On March 1, the visa-free regime of Ukraine with Grenada comes into force. From now on, citizens who want to visit an island in the Caribbean will be able to do so without a visa.

Ukrainians can stay up to 90 days on the territory of the state. The rule applies to both one trip and several in total.

Georgia opens borders for Ukrainians

From March 1, Ukrainian tourists will be able to travel to Georgia. You can visit the country only if you have a negative PCR test for coronavirus that was carried out within the last 72 hours.

However, on the third day of stay in Georgia, you will have to undergo re-testing at your own expense.

In addition, it is possible to cross the borders of Georgia only by air, because the land borders are still closed for foreigners.

Also, from March 1, all foreigners who have completed the full course of vaccination against coronavirus can enter Georgia.

Increase in prices for Ukrzaliznytsia tickets

Also, from March 1, we should expect an increase in prices for train tickets. From March, their cost will increase by about 2% every month. Due to this, the company expects to receive additional revenues in the amount of 557.9 million UAH.

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