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100% guarantee for bank deposit and other laws Rada passed on April 1

MPs voted for 21 bills on April 1

MPs voted for 21 bills on April 1

The Verkhovna Rada held a plenary session on April 1, during which it considered 21 bills. A number of them were passed in the second reading and after signing by the President will become laws.

The most important bills passed:

  • No. 7217 — enshrining the rule that joining the TDF (territorial defense forces) is possible only be at the place of registration or (during the war) in areas where hostilities are directly taking place;
  • No. 7226 — free medical rehabilitation and medical care for military personnel who took part in hostilities;
  • No. 7229 — establishing a monetary reward for the aggressor state’s military hardware suitable for use that is voluntarily handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. An aircraft and a ship — $1 million, a helicopter — $500,000, a tank — $100,000, an armored personnel carrier — $50,000, etc.;
  • No. 7169 — nationalizing the property of citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation, as well as citizens of Ukraine who publicly deny the war;
  • No. 7234 — administering certain taxes during martial law, a state of emergency, which, among other things, provides for the removal of restrictions on income as a basis for registering a single taxpayer of the third group at a rate of 2%, determining the features of taxation with corporate income tax when switching to paying a single tax of the third group at a rate of 2% and upon resumption of tax payment after switching from the simplified taxation system to the general one;
  • No. 5542-1 — guaranteeing deposits of individuals in full (without limiting the deposit amount) for the duration of martial law in Ukraine and within 3 months after its completion. Three months after the end of martial law in Ukraine, the maximum amount of compensation is set at a level not lower than 600,000 UAH (now it is 200,000 UAH). The deposit guarantee system in Oschadbank is being changed. For already opened deposits, a 100% guarantee by the state remains. Guarantees for new deposits will be the same as in other banks.

It should be noted that during martial law in Ukraine, a moratorium has been imposed on declaring banks insolvent. Therefore, imposing a norm on 100% guarantee of deposits for this period is, in fact, a formal step.

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