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What foreign companies did with their business in Russia: All information in one place

Three Ukrainian students from Stanford and MIT (one of the leading universities in the US) implemented the project Don't Fund War: a website and a Facebook page of the same name. Ukrainian businessman Petro Chernyshov reported about the project.

On the site you can find out what major foreign companies have done with their business in Russia at the moment. "Our database is regularly automatically synchronized with the list provided by the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute," the project creators reported.

Companies are divided into the following categories:

  • those ignoring withdrawal/reducing activities;
  • those who postpone future investments, developments, marketing, but continue their core business;
  • those reducing some business operations while continuing others;
  • those who temporarily wind down operations operations, while maintaining the possibility of returning;
  • those completely ceasing obligations or leaving Russia.

"You can perform a search on the site, it suggests how you can help companies make the right decision, where to take to the streets for protests and much more," Chernyshov explained.

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