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Ukraine to pay more than 500 billion UAH of public debt this year. The largest payouts to be in February

The planned payments on public debt in 2022 amount to 551 billion UAH. The largest payouts await Ukraine in February—66 billion UAH. This is reported by the Accounting Chamber.

In 2022, 397 billion UAH will be allocated to pay off the public debt (internal and external). Repayment is the payout of the loan body solely. Another 154 billion UAH will be used to pay interest on the loan.

Monthly payments on public debt in 2022 are the following:

  • January—26 billion UAH;
  • February—66 billion UAH;
  • March—49 billion UAH;
  • April—34 billion UAH;
  • May—56 billion UAH;
  • June—56 billion UAH;
  • July—39 billion UAH;
  • August—48 billion UAH;
  • September—56 billion UAH;
  • October—35 billion UAH;
  • November—53 billion UAH;
  • December—33 billion UAH.

Context. In December last year, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a medium-term strategy for managing public debt until 2024.

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