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Hetmantsev mentioned top 3 areas of tax reform for 2021

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy has three areas of tax regulation. Initiatives include unshadowing, reducing tax pressure on the payroll budget, and reforming the environmental tax.

The Committee also has many initiatives on tax fairness, for instance, the law on taxation of online services that was recommended for the second reading. Danylo Hetmantsev, the Head of the Rada Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy, stated this to The Page.

According to him, such a draft law should be supported by the deputies, because there can be no situation where IT services and e-commerce services are not subject to VAT in Ukraine, in contrast to 80 countries of the world.

Also, an important part of the reforms is the unshadowing, and it is necessary to adopt a tax amnesty in the second reading for it.

"I advise everyone to take part in the tax amnesty, because this is a chance to start your finances from scratch. And we have already adopted practically everything that was needed at the level of legislative initiative regarding unshading."

Danylo Hetmantsev

Danylo Hetmantsev

The Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy

The Committee is now working to reduce tax pressure on the payroll budget. And the ecological reform will take place a little later—in about a year. After all, the actions of the executive branch are now important.

Quote"We hold regular committees on hearings of law enforcement agencies to counter illegal tobacco, illegal fuel," Hetmantsev said.
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