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"Liubchenko’s man" is debarred from managing State Tax Service

The Commission on Senior Corps of the Civil Service reports that on November 3, the Cabinet of Ministers canceled its decision on the victory of Yevhen Oleinikov in the competition for the post of Head of the State Tax Service (STS) of Ukraine. Oleksiy Honcharenko, People's Deputy, published a photocopy of the corresponding report.

Oleinikov was determined as the winner of the competition on September 27, but he was never appointed to the position of STS Head, remaining in the status of Acting Head.

The competition was announced on August 11, since the previous Head of the State Tax Service, Oleksiy Liubchenko, was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister—Minister of Economy on May 20. Oleinikov was Liubchenko's Deputy.

On November 3, the Verkhovna Rada approved Liubchenko's resignation.

According to media reports, before Liubchenko’s resignation, the NABU (National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine) and the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) searched his house, and these searches may relate to carousel fraud and tax evasion. Oleinikov's housing was also searched.

Earlier, The Page reported that after the searches, Mykhailo Tytarchuk would most likely be appointed Acting Head of the State Tax Service instead of Oleinikov, and after that a new competition will be announced. One of the likely candidates to take part in it and win in this competition is People's Deputy Marian Zablotskyi.

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