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Mortality rate in Ukraine is 14% higher than last year—State Statistics Service

The number of deaths in Ukraine related to all causes (including coronavirus) from the beginning of 2021 to October 1 was 487,855, which is 14.3% more than in the same period in 2020. This is stated in the State Statistics Service report.

In September, 48,425 people died, which is 0.1% more than in September 2020.

The number of newborns in September decreased by 10.8% in annual terms, to 24,557, and in total within nine months this figure decreased by 6.9%, to 205,385.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 42 live births per 100 deaths in Ukraine.

The population of Ukraine as of October 1, according to the estimates, amounted to 41 million 319.8 thousand people, which is 383,489, or 0.9%, less than a year earlier.

Mortality in Ukraine in 2020

616,835 people died in Ukraine in 2020. The excess mortality, compared with the three previous years, amounted to 35,000. At the same time, 20,709 people actually died from covid.

Excess mortality is the excess of the number of deaths over the average for the previous periods or over the expected rate.

The largest number of deaths over the past three years was recorded in December 2020—67,000 people. The previous record was set in November of the same year—63,000 deaths.

Dynamics of mortality in Ukraine


Excess mortality in Ukraine in 2021

During the first eight months, excess mortality was 46,577.

On average, over the past five pre-covid years (2015—2019) from January to August, 393,000 people died each year, and this year—439,000.

For the second consecutive year, the excess mortality rate significantly exceeds the losses from the coronavirus. During eight months, 37,077 people died from covid.

Excess mortality is on the rise not only due to deaths exactly from covid. The coronavirus exacerbates the course of a number of chronic diseases, and due to the overburdening of hospitals with covid patients, many Ukrainians with other serious diseases do not get the necessary treatment in time.

Monthly mortality from coronavirus in Ukraine


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