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Survival arithmetic: How much Ukrainians spend money and on what (infographics)

The average Ukrainian household spends about 42% of all its cash expenditures per month on food. This item is the absolute leader in the expenditure structure, the share of No. 2 (utility bills and fuel) is almost four times less.

Even under pandemic conditions, health spending averages only 4.8% (512 UAH).

The State Statistics Service also estimated how many staple foods the average Ukrainian consumes. It turned out that vegetables and mushrooms (16 kg) are consumed most of all, followed by dairy products (13.4 kg) and bread (7.5 kg).

And about healthy nutrition—the amount consumed of a number of food products naturally depends on the household income. For instance, the average per capita consumption of meat is 3 kg per month with an income of up to 3,000 UAH and 5.8 kg—more than 11,000 UAH. Similar figures for fish are 0.6 kg and 1.5 kg, fruits—4.6 kg and 10.0 kg, and vegetables—13.9 kg and 17.1 kg.

At the same time, the amount consumed of bread and oils-fats practically does not depend on income.

It is interesting to note that almost 70% of households have expenses to pay for using the Internet at home.


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