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SFS seizes corporate rights of Medvedchuk's petrol stations

10,000 tons of oil products worth 350 million UAH were during searches. Photo: Pixabay

10,000 tons of oil products worth 350 million UAH were during searches. Photo: Pixabay

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine has seized the corporate rights of a group of companies that supplied oil products to Ukraine from Russia. This is reported by the SFS press service.

It is about companies that were involved in the sale of low-quality petroleum products via a well-known chain of petrol stations. This refers to the Glusco chain that is associated with the co-chairman of the Opposition Platform—For Life, Viktor Medvedchuk. According to the investigation, the scheme led to tax evasion in the amount of 240 million UAH.

During more than 140 searches, law enforcement agencies found gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and petroleum products of unknown chemical composition with a total volume of more than 10,000 tons worth over 350 million UAH at gas stations, oil depots, and storage facilities.

Investigators stated they had received information about the plans of the beneficiaries and top management of 28 companies to transfer corporate rights to third parties. Thus, the officials of the companies planned to avoid liability and prevent the recovery of damages by the state. However, the court put a decisive end to these plans. It seized corporate rights worth more than 700 million UAH.

Context. On March 11, 2021, the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Tax Service carried out a large-scale special operation at three oil depots and 105 filling stations of the Swiss network Glusco. The searches were carried out in the case of the trade in the so-called "bootleg gasoline"—low-quality gasoline.

On March 16, the Swiss company Proton Energy Group SA announced the termination of the oil products supply to Ukraine from April 1, 2021. The Glusco chain also "got caught in the crossfire".

On June 8, the media reported that the Azerbaijani oil company SOCAR is ready to purchase the Glusco gas station chain and is already negotiating with its owner on this matter.

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