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Experts speak out on Zelensky's plans to legalize prostitution

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky keeps his word and makes you think. Last week in Istanbul, he announced the imminent legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine. Here the head of state is consistent. He promised to do before he was elected. In April, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, Zelensky expressed some bold ideas. In addition to lifting the ban on the gambling business, he supported the legalization of medical marijuana and prostitution.

Regarding the latter, Zelensky said prostitution should be allowed in Ukrainian cities and taxed like a business. Many think legalization of prostitution will increase the number of tourists who travel to Ukraine. Others strongly oppose legalizing prostitution. The page collected comments about the controversial subject which reflect the polarizing views in Ukrainian society on the subject.

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine's Hennadiy Udovenko Diplomatic Academy Director and ex-Ambassador to Turkey (2008-2016) Serhiy Korsunsky

Quote"Since this evil is inevitable, it needs to be regulated. It is the same as with medical marijuana, which was legalized because everyone smokes it. You need to know the norm and regulate it, and make sure that such a business makes a profit. This is more correct than clandestine brothels, diseases and drugs."

Verkhovna Rada Tourism, Resorts, Recreational activities Subcommittee Chairwoman Hanna Romanova

Quote"I am categorically against legalization of prostitution If it is legalized, then young girls, instead of spending years studying to be teachers or doctors, will go to work as prostitutes, receive high salaries and will be able to claim a pension. Now there is a shadow business in this area. There are many prostitutes, but girls are still afraid to work as prostitutes because of social insecurity. After legalization, only those who cannot afford paid sexual services in their own country will come to Ukraine. Ukraine will regarded as a cheap brothel. Well-to-do people do not visit brothels."

Democratic Sokira Party Spokesperson on decriminalization of sex services Aline Sarnatska

Quote"I do not advocate for the legalization of prostitution, but am for its decriminalization. First of all, it is necessary to abolish the criminal article for pimping and administrative offenses for prostitution. This activity can be legalized only after the attitude of society towards sex workers changes, so that they also take part in the regulation of legalization. This is necessary in order to not only make laws about prostitution worse. Those tasked with drafting laws do not know anything about prostitution."

Ukrainian Hospitality Industry Association Head Oleksandr Liyev

Quote"The legalization of prostitution, from an economic point of view, is a healthy conversation. But this issue needs to be addressed taking into account the cultural characteristics of both the country and the regions. Local communities must decide. Legal prostitution can increase the flow of tourists. For example, they are going to Amsterdam not to look at beautiful tulips. But it all depends on the community. Not everyone wants women to position themselves as those who take money for sex. Tourism cannot be developed at any cost."
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