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How Ukrainian brands can be successful at European fairs

Demand for Ukrainian-made products on global online and offline marketplaces increased in 2022. Ukrainian manufacturers can find new foreign customers by showcasing their products at European fairs. Yuliia Savostina, the founder of the Made in Ukraine project, told The Page about European events to which Ukrainian brand owners should pay attention.

Last year, representatives of Made in Ukraine visited dozens of trade shows in Europe and drew conclusions about the range of products in demand, the habits of local consumers. and the tools that work to promote brands.

"We select Ukrainian manufacturers whose products can be of interest to people visiting the fairs in which we participate. We have certain requirements for those who take part, including the certification of products. We take into account the traditions and consumer habits of various European cities and consider the price ranges and the limit on how much money is usually spent at each event. After the manufacturers are selected, we advise them about what is better to send to a fair," Savostina noted.

European trade shows and fairs in 2023 that can be of interest for Ukrainian manufacturers include:

  • March 2–5: Bergamo Creattiva, Bergamo (small crafted products)
  • March 4–5: The Helsinki Handicraft Fair, Helsinki (decorations and accessories)
  • April 18—23: Salone del Mobile, Milan (furniture, home furnishings)
  • April 25 — May 1: MIDA Fiera dell'Artigianato a Firenze, Florence (crafts fair)
  • June 16–18: Festival of Ceramics "Buongiorno Ceramica!", Faenza, Italy
  • July 7–9: Argillà Argentona 2023 — International Ceramic Fair, Argentona, 30 lm from Barcelona (a fair of traditional pottery and artistic ceramics)
  • mid-July: The European Folk Craft Festival, Kežmarok, Slovakia (folk crafts)
  • July 14–23: Gentse Feesten, Belgium (folk art)
  • August 11–13: Floren Crafts and Design Fair, Copenhagen (textiles, ceramics, glass, jewelry)
  • August 25–27: Creativ Salzburg, Salzburg (one of the best festivals for crafters)
  • September 7–11: Maison et Objet, Paris (souvenirs, decorations, textiles)

As was shown before, any products from Ukrainian brands are in demand: clothes, decorations, ceramics, etc. However, successful participation in a fair relies on many factors, including effective promotion of the event itself, attendance numbers, the design and layout of the showcase, and the readiness to communicate with consumers and distributors.

"The most important thing is the presentation of goods and the willingness to explain. Because whatever the informational cause, we are new to the European market and have to explain who we are," Savostina says.

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