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Reassessment of pensions, gas prices and new regulations for drivers: what will change from 1 June

A number of changes await citizens of Ukraine from June 1. They will concern gas tariffs, increase in pensions and the permissions of travelling abroad.

Some of the terms of use for Google products will also change. The Page has been figuring out what to expect in June.


Reassessment of pensions from June 1

From June 1, pensioners who continue to work will have their pension reassessed. The Pension Fund notes that the reassessment will be automatic, and that means that pensioners do not need to go anywhere.

Payments will be received by those Ukrainians who continued to work after the pension assignment for at least 24 months or have a qualifying period of less than 24 months, but at least two years have passed since the pension assignment.


Vaccination passports

According to the government's plan, analogues of European vaccination passports may appear in Ukraine at the end of June. With these certificates, Ukrainians will be able to travel across Europe.

In Europe, such documents should appear in mid-June. However, a number of countries, for instance, Spain, are ready to open borders for tourists who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In Ukraine, a vaccination passport can be obtained in two versions: in digital form and in hard copy.


New regulations for drivers

From June 1, new regulations for drivers of big vehicles will enter into force on the roads of Ukraine. They will apply to those vehicles, the actual weight of which exceeds 24 tons, and the axle load is 7 tons.

Such vehicles are prohibited from driving on public roads in the daytime if the air temperature rises above +28 degrees.

An exception will be made only for those trucks that transport:

  • hazardous cargo;
  • cargo related to the prevention or elimination of the consequences of emergencies;
  • animals and birds;
  • perishable goods.

Gas tariffs in June


Gas companies have unveiled tariffs for June. The cheapest gas is offered by the company Evoda Trade (7.88 UAH/cubic meter). The highest monthly tariff is offered by Naftogaz Postachannia—12 UAH per cubic meter.

The lowest annual tariff is offered by the company Agrosintez Trading—7.8 UAH/cubic meter. The highest annual tariff in June—13.5 UAH per cubic meter— is offered by:

  • Chernivtsi Regional Energy Supply Company;
  • Zhytomyr Regional Energy Supply Company;
  • Kherson Regional Energy Supply Company.

Changes in Google products

From June 1, a number of changes await users of some Google services. For instance, the service Google Photos from June will limit the space for storing files.

From now on, instead of unlimited storage, the user will be able to use only 15 GB for free. If large spaces are required, then one will have to pay extra. All files that were uploaded before June 1, 2021 will remain free and will not be counted in the limits.

Also from June 1, the YouTube terms of use will change. Now the service will put ads into any videos. However, video creators will not receive payments for such ads.

In addition, YouTube reported that since June, all payments that a user can receive from the service are considered royalties. Therefore, Google will withhold taxes on such payments if required by law.


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