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Ukroboronprom's An-178 wins Peru tender

Photo: Ukroboronprom

Photo: Ukroboronprom

Ukraine's Ukroboronprom concern has won tender organized by Peru's Interior Ministry for the supply of several military transport aircraft. Ukraine's new An-178 will replace the An-32B there. In the Peruvian tender, the Ukrainian plane won over the American-Italian C-27 Spartan and Airbus' C-295, Ukroboronprom Director Pavlo Bukin said.

Quote"Peru may be the first export training ground for a new aircraft created at Antonov State Enterprise. In this case, both the professionalism and perseverance of Ukroboronprom’s contractors and the legendary reliability of Antonov’s brand played in our favor," Bukin said.

Bukin said performance, delivery time, extended guarantees, staff training, social and production preferences were criteria for selection in the tender. Ukraine's An-178 fared well in all categories.

The An-178 is a multi-purpose transport aircraft. It was developed by Antonov, which is part of the Ukroboronprom concern. About 200 companies from 15 countries are involved in the An-178 production chain. Read more about this aircraft here.

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