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Suspect in Ukraine's Rotterdam+ case set free on bail

Photo: Фото: slovoidilo.ua

Photo: Фото: slovoidilo.ua

Former NCER department head Taras Revenko

The former head of the department of the National Commission for Energy and Utilities (NCER) Taras Revenko has been released on bail of UAH 5 million, set by Kyiv's Solomiansky District Court on August 12, the Kyiv-based Channel 5 TV station has said.

Ukraine's Special anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO) agents said Revenko was directly involved in developing the Rotterdam + formula in 2016. Prosecutors requested he be remanded to pretrial detention for 60 days or post UAH 5 million in bail. The bail amount was calculated by figuring in the damage Revenko allegedly did to the state – UAH 19 billion.


  • NABU detectives last week as part of the Rotterdam + investigation served notices of suspicion to six persons, including Kyiv District Administrative Court Chairman Dmytro Vovk, former NCER chairman and commission member Volodymyr Yevdokymov. The latter remains the only one of the six suspects in this case. DTEK employees were also served notices of suspicion.
  • Solomiansky court judge Maria Zelynska set bail for Yevdokymov at UAH 2 million, although SAPO chief Nazar Kholodnytsky said it should be UAH 50 million.
  • NABU and SAPO said their agents did not find evidence that coal was supplied to Ukraine according to the Rotterdam + formula from Rotterdam.
  • Vovk called the case "a bubble," adding that NABU is acting without reason and with political motivation.
  • On August 12, DTEK it would call employees back from their vacations for questioning in the Rotterdam + case. The next hearing is scheduled for August 14.

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