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Danyliuk announces plan "B" in gas transit talks with Russia

Photo: Naftogaz

Photo: Naftogaz

A team of negotiators for transit of Russian gas to Europe will be created after the formation of a new government. In case of failure, Ukraine has a plan "B," National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Speaker Oleksandr Danyliuk has said.

"It would be completely irresponsible not to have a plan 'B,'" Danyliuk said in an interview with the BBC bureau in Ukraine.

Danyliuk said extending transit is important for Ukraine, as it brings the country about $3 billion annually. At the same time, he said Ukraine could cope without Russian gas transit.

Quote"Of course we will survive. Ask people on the street about this. But this is not only a question of survival. It is a question of the country's development. Therefore, when we talk about transit, this means the funds we receive, the development of the gas transportation system and the opportunity to attract investment. This is for the development of the country," Danyliuk said.


  • Tripartite negotiations between Ukraine, the EU and Russia have already been held several times, but have not brought any visible results. This is primarily beneficial to Russia, because it receives leverage over the EU. The next meeting may take place on September 16, according to the German publication Handelsblatt.


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